The Process:


Everyone has different needs. It’s as easy as that. Some people have Forever to sell their home as long as they get the price they are looking for. Some have as little as days or weeks to sell, so they are more flexible on the price. The challenge when pricing a home is IDENTIFYING your specific needs and finding a price that fits within them. That’s where we help; I work with you to identify what YOUR needs require, find a price that fits with with your situation, and get the home sold. It’s that simple!


Most real estate agents talk about their marketing and how “outside the box” their strategies are. The truth? They have no clue how to market a property.  I call this the three Ps of marketing.  Take PICTURES, POST them online and PRAY that it sells.  Premier Homes NW is different. Let me explain:

I actually come from a marketing background and have composed one of the most original marketing plans ever developed in the real estate industry. With a blend of print, internet, and guerrilla style marketing techniques we don’t just throw a few bad photos up on the MLS, put a sign in your yard, and PRAY that your home sells.

We create a BUZZ around the home specifically that sparks WONDER? and INTEREST in your home. We KNOW how to attract buyers , have extensive research and know are coming from.

Want to know how we do it? Of course you do! So check it out!


There is an art to negotiating that goes far past the selling price of your home; what is included, repairs, and much much more are or EQUAL importance when you sell your home. You need a broker that knows how to walk a thin line between pushing back too hard and having a buyer walk out on a deal, or not being bullish enough and having the buyer take advantage of you. Sounds like fun right? Well, it is for us! This is our FAVORITE part of the deal!

My #1 job is to always have your best interests in mind. Every step along the way I will tell you the most aggressive and least aggressive options for each part of the  negotiation. This way you will have all the information at your disposal and together we can work toward a strategy that serves you best.


Need to know more about the process? Reach out to us today!  Contact Me and let us know a bit more about your home and situation.